Welcome to “The Splat!”

June 16, 2015 
It has been said that “knowledge is power.” 

Now, we will go ahead and be honest and say its a fair assumption most people don’t want to know anything about bugs. Bugs are nasty. They are not usually a favorite topic of conversation--most just want to get rid of them. We agree! But the best way to get rid of those pesky, pesty pests is to know every single thing about them--how they grow, how they operate, where they live, what their patterns are, what they do and how they effect you and your home or yard. That is our job at Squished--to know everything about every pest, and how to eliminate them. 

However, equally as important is ensuring that you are empowered with the knowledge of what can be done in between our visits to make our treatments the most effective. We consider ourselves partners with you to keep your home bug free and your yard thriving! We want to give you the knowledge to maximize our treatments to keep pests at bay and your lawn looking lush and beautiful all year round. 

So we have created this blog for YOU. In this blog we will share information about native pests of all kinds, provide you with tips and tricks of our industry for keeping bugs at bay and enhancing your yard, have a little fun with facts about bug and plant life and share a little bit about the Squished family along the way!

And so, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Splat--the blog page for Squished! 

Kyle Sheffield