​Fortunately for us here in The Villages and surrounding areas, NoSeeUms are a rarity. They prefer mountainous or beach habitats and are more commonly found in coastal areas, especially Southern Florida. However, we do have a few tiny local pests that are often confused with NoSeeUms, such as Ghost Ants, White Footed Ants, Pharoah ants, drain flies, and Gnats, among others. These insects are among the smallest pests that we deal with here in Central Florida, and because they are so small and difficult to see, they are often mistakenly grouped under the name “NoSeeUm.” 

If you come across an insect that you believe may be a NoSeeUm, chances are its not, but you can always contact your Squished pest control professional to be sure. We can accurately diagnose the exact insect you’re dealing with and treat your home accordingly. 

Kyle Sheffield

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August 6, 2015

 NoSeeUms are scientifically known as Ceratopogonidae, and if you have ever come into contact with one of these little flies--or a host of them--you would most likely know it. While some subspecies of NoSeeUms consume only nectar, most of them survive on blood and therefore do pose a bite risk for humans. Their saliva triggers an allergic reaction in human skin, resulting in an itchy welt that may persist for up to a week!