There is more to pest management than meets the eye. For every pest you see, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, more you don't. Our pest control services are designed to control pests in your home, such as roaches, spiders, ants, crickets, scorpions, etc., without any negative consequences to your family's or pet's health. We are capable of combatting any and all circumstances that may be presented. Squished uses only high quality licensed products that are effective, safe and odorless. The most effective way to control pests is to keep them from coming inside in the first place. If they're already inside your home, we'll eliminate and make sure they don't return - Guaranteed


Residential Pest Control

Residential Indoor Pest Control
Extensive pest service from top to bottom. Your home is treated inside and out 
every three months. As always, you are treated to a free in-home estimate to discuss the details!

Outside Only Pest Service
This is a monthly exterior home maintenance program. The outer perimeter of your home is treated monthly to prevent unwanted pests!

Residential Lawn Spraying
Our bimonthly lawn service is the areas best, including pest control, weed control, disease prevention and fertilization. 

Residential Termite Service
Complete professional termite inspection and treatments done by a licensed
and insured state certified termite inspector. Let Squished protect your 
home from the damage termites can do!

Lawn Care and Maintenance

A full service manicure for your lawn! This service includes mowing,                                   weed eating and edging on a weekly basis. WE WILL PUSH MOW!
Quarterly shrub trimming packages are also available 
Lawn Spraying (see above, for fertilization, herbicide, fungicide, etc)

Irrigation Maintenance
Bimonthly full system check and adjustment of your irrigation system
Prices vary based on size and square footage of lawn

​Commercial Property Pest and Termite Protection
Commercial Property Pest and Termite Protection, pricing available upon consultation